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Art Drawings

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Here you can see some of Art Drawings by Købke made through the lase couple of years. The project will continuously be updated with the latest Art Drawings from Købkes hand. You're welcome to contact us for more information about the Art Drawings.
  • Nørrebrogade, Cph. (2008)
    Art Drawing measures 300 x 244 cm (118,1 x 96,1 inch)
  • This is an art drawing of the famous Nørrebrogade seen from the perspective of Queen Louise’s Bridge. The original measures 3 x 2,44 meters (118,1 x 96,1 inch) and is decorating the wall of a private home in Nørrebro. Each day, several thousand people pass by Nørrebrogade on their way through Copenhagen. Due to how busy this street is, the city has been conducting a traffic experiment with the objective of promoting bicycle and bus commuting to reduce the
    amount of automotive traffic.
  • Nytorv, Cph. (2008)
    Art Drawing measures 100 x 70 cm (39,4 x 27,6 inch.)
  • This 2009 art drawing was inspired by Copenhagen’s ‘Clean City’ campaign, for which 8 sculptures of garbage and refuse were exhibited around the city. Perhaps you have seen the sculpture of the soda can that was placed at Nytorv in front of the often visited City Court. This is the second art drawing in the series ‘Clean City’ and was created for an exhibition in the summer of 2009. Another 200 hours of drawing time went into this piece.

  • Sønder Boulevard, Cph. (2009)
    Art Drawing measures
    130 x 90 cm (51,2 x 35,4 inch.)
  • This art drawing from 2009 is of the weel-known Copenhagen street Sønder Boulevard, which is located in Vesterbro, a very popular part of the city and home to many Danish artists. This is the first of several art drawings in the series ‘Clean City’, which was inspired by a campaign bearing the same name in which sculptures of garbage encourage us to keep the city clean. if you look carefully at this art drawing you will find a sculpture of a pizza box.

  • New York Skyline (2008)
    Art Drawing measures 180 x 100 cm (70,9 x 39,4 inch.)
  • The art drawing from 2008 is a unique and extremely detailed rendering of the very famous New York City skyline. Drawings by Købke created this drawing as a private commission, and the original drawing mea-sures 180 x 100 cm. (70,9 x 39,4 inch.), and took approximately 200 hours of drawing to complete.

  • Lavuk (2008)
    Art Drawing measures 130 x 90 cm (51,2 x 35,4 inch.)
  • Located at Østerbro in Copenhagen, Lavuk is an institution for young handicapped people. This art drawing was created in relation to the theme week ‘My Lavuk’, for which Købke performed Live Drawing so the young people, their families, and the institution’s employees could witness the completion of the project. Købke also held drawing workshops for the young people who were thereby given the opportunity to create their own art. The theme week ended with a joint exhibition.

  • Topsøe 24-7 (2010)
    Art Drawing measures 100 x 70 cm (39,4 x 27,6 inch.)
  • Completed in 2010, this art drawing is of the research and development company Haldor Topsøe A/S. Their headquarters is located in Lyngby, north of Copenhagen, and it is these buildings and surroundings that make up the essence of this piece. ‘Topsøe 24-7’ is a night motif using chimney smoke, driving cars, and the glowing light from windows and lampposts to symbolize that Haldor Topsøe A/S never closes and is accessible 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
    Drawings by Købke began this art drawing at a Live Drawing event in september, and took 200 hours to complete.

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